Our History

Lighting the way since 1965!

Little Silver Electric (LSE) is a union electrical contractor based now in Jackson, New Jersey and has been serving the central New Jersey community since 1965. 

When it was founded by Domenic and Jane D’Onofrio, LSE initially operated out of their residence where the office was located and materials and trucks were stored. For a few years Domenic mainly worked on small renovation and residential projects while Jane handled the accounting.

In the 1960’s the company was incorporated as an S-Corporation. Shortly after, it purchased an office/warehouse in Little Silver, NJ and hired an estimator and a supervisor. As the company matured and its good reputation spread, larger residential and commercial projects became routine.

During the 1970s, LSE was engaged in several water treatment plants, schools, shopping centers, and hospital projects. These sophisticated projects were now common place for the company as it had earned a solid reputation throughout central New Jersey.  In 1975, Patrick D’Onofrio, joined the family business after graduating from the University of Connecticut.

By the 1980s, Patrick was responsible for all company operations.  Since then, LSE’s focus and project mix have remained fairly consistent as the majority of the company’s projects are located within Monmouth and Ocean Counties in central New Jersey.

In February 2016, the company was acquired by Big Silver, Inc.  This is a new chapter for LSE as Patrick has decided to take a supporting role in operations and defer the strategic direction to new leadership

Our history is a source of pride for us at Little Silver Electric.  Whether it is a small residential or large industrial or military project, our employees will take pride in keeping Domenic and Jane’s vision.